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The Next Top Internet Cat?

Who me?

Quasi has been nominated in a bracket braCAT for the Next Top Internet Cat by AmazeCats!

She’s super excited!

And is getting herself all prettied up!

for the competition!

Voting for Round 1 starts tomorrow, but Quasi’s bracket doesn’t start until April 10.

If you have a minute (and think Quasi should be running toe-to-toe with Lil Bub), please vote for her! She’s up against some pretty heavy hitters.

April 2nd, 2013 by Renee
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Uglykitty, Fashion Model

A few weeks ago Heather at r. e. stowe contacted me and asked if she could send Quasi and ILean some collars. I was happy to accept such a generous offer since I always want to make sure that my kitties are as stylish as they can be for their days of sitting around the couch.


Doesn’t she look bea-utiful? You can tell she loves it :) .


I assure you ILean also loves hers, she just isn’t as good a model as Quasi.


Heather really makes beautiful collars. They’re so sturdy and they stay on, even though I’ve left them loose enough in case a kitty gets hung up and needs to slip out. She makes a ton of styles, colors, and sizes, so you’ll be able to find dog or cat collars in every size and color. Quasi had to get a large due to her no-neck-ism and ILean is just a tubso who needed an XL (or possibly a medium dog collar, I’m not sure).

I just checked her website again and she just listed a bunch of Fall color themes for dogs and cats. Definitely check them out! They’re Quasi-(and ILean) approved!


September 3rd, 2012 by Renee
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Thank you Catster!

On an otherwise quiet Friday night, my phone kept dinging with emails saying that I had new donations to the UglyKitty Fund – which is always wonderful, but that many on a Friday night was a little odd. Then through the wonder of Google Alerts, I was, well, alerted to a new post on Catster (the #1 site for cat lovers)!

First, I’m going to go ahead and answer the question.

Yes, Quasi is the world’s cutest ugly cat.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Thank you so much such a sweet write up! But what amazes me most is the number of comments, likes, and shares that Quasi’s photo got on Catster’s Facebook page. 3,200 likes, 550 comments? That’s sort of awesome! I always find it amusing that most of the comments fall into one of ¬†four categories:

1. [Inappropriate comment about how all cats should be eradicated]


2. “Oh my god! She’s so cute!”

(Yes, yes she is)

3. “Aww, the poor kitty!”

(Don’t feel sorry for Quasi, you’ve never met a more spoiled cat. And she knows it. She’s fine.)

4. “She’s not ugly, how dare you call her ugly!”

(Please, when you’re hugging and squeezing and cuddling and petting and feeding and coddling, slipping in a “you’re are the best ugly kitty in the world!” does little to dampen her self-esteem. Again, she’s fine.)

Anyway, if you have a moment, check out the article and thanks again!

August 19th, 2012 by Renee
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