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Gnomes, Matryoshkas, and Crafts. Oh My!

A couple weeks ago, I received an email asking me if I would be interested in reviewing two new craft books as part of the Folklore Crafts Blog Book Tour. I would have been happy to do it either way, but when I saw that the books were devoted to gnomes and matryoshka dolls, I was completely sold.

I LOVE those little unpronounceable nesting dolls.

Image credit: Fab Pub

and cupcake toppers. I LOVE cupcake toppers.

How freaking cute!

Gnomes are awesome, but I’m partial to the dolls, so you’re going to have to checkout Gnomes on your own :)

Image Credit: Fab Pub

Because I’m all about the nesting dolls.

Each project is fully detailed with step by step directions and templates. All the information you’ll need to make adorable folklore crafts.

Seriously, don’t you want to make these? I love how there are highlights in the hair.

Image Credit: Fab Pub

What about this one, don’t you want to BE a matryoshka doll?

Image Credit: Fab Pub

One more…wouldn’t these be awesome on my mantel (who wants to make them for me?)

Image Credit: Fab Pub

So checkout the books and make some awesome folksy crafts!

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