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Quasi Story

Hi, My name’s Quasi!  I’m an “adorkable” UglyKitty who loves pushing pens under the coffee table and sneezing on my “person” (aka Renee).

I was adopted from a shelter in Annapolis, MD in October of 2005, and life couldn’t be better!  I was a cautious kitty at first, and spent 2 weeks under the bed, but I soon came out of my shell to become the attention-demanding kitty that I am today!

While no one officially know the origin of my “look.”  The general theory is that I have a cleft lip that never got corrected and connects to my eye.  I can see fine out of the one, but not so much out of the other.  I also have a difficult time smelling since I have some sinus issue.  My hearing though, is excellent – I can hear a crinkly wrapper from two floors up!

Maybe stardom has gone to my head a bit, but as long as Renee is there to scratch my head and fill the food bowl, I’m as happy as can be!

Renee and I formed My UglyKitty! in June of 2006 initially as a way to exercise our creative minds, but over the years and after seeing how people responded to me, we started focusing more on charity and awareness. We set up the UglyKitty Fund in October 2006 to raise money for the Cats R Us shelter in Annapolis, Maryland. While the shelter I was adopted from closed, Cats R Us gave us our three-legged friend ILean:

We have since raised over $5,000 for my shelter (before it closed) and for Cats R Us.

As an “adorkable” kitty, my other goal is to raise awareness about “special needs” pets. So many animals are overlooked in shelters because they don’t look like the others or they need a little more love, but with a little patience these animals could be the best pets you’ve ever had!

Thanks again for visiting me!  I can always be reached at… if you’d like to send some head-scratches my way!

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