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Thank you Catster!

On an otherwise quiet Friday night, my phone kept dinging with emails saying that I had new donations to the UglyKitty Fund – which is always wonderful, but that many on a Friday night was a little odd. Then through the wonder of Google Alerts, I was, well, alerted to a new post on Catster (the #1 site for cat lovers)!

First, I’m going to go ahead and answer the question.

Yes, Quasi is the world’s cutest ugly cat.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Thank you so much such a sweet write up! But what amazes me most is the number of comments, likes, and shares that Quasi’s photo got on Catster’s Facebook page. 3,200 likes, 550 comments? That’s sort of awesome! I always find it amusing that most of the comments fall into one of ¬†four categories:

1. [Inappropriate comment about how all cats should be eradicated]


2. “Oh my god! She’s so cute!”

(Yes, yes she is)

3. “Aww, the poor kitty!”

(Don’t feel sorry for Quasi, you’ve never met a more spoiled cat. And she knows it. She’s fine.)

4. “She’s not ugly, how dare you call her ugly!”

(Please, when you’re hugging and squeezing and cuddling and petting and feeding and coddling, slipping in a “you’re are the best ugly kitty in the world!” does little to dampen her self-esteem. Again, she’s fine.)

Anyway, if you have a moment, check out the article and thanks again!

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One Response to “Thank you Catster!”
  1. Tommy Says:

    I am a life-long cat person and I really only have one question: Have you ever thought of having Quasi’s head X-rayed? She is definitely a very unique looking cat(Personally I think that ‘Cutest Ugly Cat’ fits perfectly) and I’d really love to know how she got that way.
    And to all the people that say you shouldn’t call her ugly: The good thing about cats(and dogs[Bleh]) is that they don’t speak any of our languages. All that matters is that she’s treated with love because that’s all she cares about… And food, toys, bugs, lasers, dust bunnies, foil balls, cardboard boxes… You know, what cats care about!

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