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The Next Top Internet Cat?

Who me?

Quasi has been nominated in a bracket braCAT for the Next Top Internet Cat by AmazeCats!

She’s super excited!

And is getting herself all prettied up!

for the competition!

Voting for Round 1 starts tomorrow, but Quasi’s bracket doesn’t start until April 10.

If you have a minute (and think Quasi should be running toe-to-toe with Lil Bub), please vote for her! She’s up against some pretty heavy hitters.

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2 Responses to “The Next Top Internet Cat?”
  1. Amy D. Says:

    Hooray for Quasi! I wish her all the luck in the world and I will definitely be casting my vote for her (and will spread the word to my family and friends to do the same!) Quasi TOTALLY deserved to be the Top Cat! :) Let the competition beware!

  2. caspersmom Says:

    Quasi, I saw you on Catster and you are a sweet cat and no one should call you ugly. You are precious to whom ever loves you, and you look so cute in the top picture. You are a Top Cat whether you won the contest or not. God Bless you and your owner.

    Cleopatra and Mom

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