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Uglykitty, Fashion Model

A few weeks ago Heather at r. e. stowe contacted me and asked if she could send Quasi and ILean some collars. I was happy to accept such a generous offer since I always want to make sure that my kitties are as stylish as they can be for their days of sitting around the couch.


Doesn’t she look bea-utiful? You can tell she loves it :) .


I assure you ILean also loves hers, she just isn’t as good a model as Quasi.


Heather really makes beautiful collars. They’re so sturdy and they stay on, even though I’ve left them loose enough in case a kitty gets hung up and needs to slip out. She makes a ton of styles, colors, and sizes, so you’ll be able to find dog or cat collars in every size and color. Quasi had to get a large due to her no-neck-ism and ILean is just a tubso who needed an XL (or possibly a medium dog collar, I’m not sure).

I just checked her website again and she just listed a bunch of Fall color themes for dogs and cats. Definitely check them out! They’re Quasi-(and ILean) approved!


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One Response to “Uglykitty, Fashion Model”
  1. Amy D. Says:

    Oh my goodness – they both look so beautiful and stylish! I think, due to my own crazy-cat-lady belief that few things are more fun than staying home and relaxing with my kitties, that Couch Couture is the most important genre of fashion. And both ILean and Quasi rock it better than any kitties I have seen! (Mine apparently refuse the boundaries and constraints of fashion since collars last about 30 seconds on them when I have tried to put them on int the past…oh well.) But kudos to Heather for making such beautiful collars and sharing with your two fashionistas! What a treat! Thank you for posting!

    –A smitten new fan, Amy D. and my feline family Colby and Chloe :)

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